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Herb microwave drying machine completely out of the traditio
Our country has a long history of traditional Chinese medicine, while the Chinese herbal medicines have a lot of credit, but the dry sterilization of Chinese herbal medicine is a higher demand, with the improvement of production technology, traditional drying methods have gradually phased out , Replaced by a microwave drying sterilization machine. The use of Chinese herbal microwave drying machine for drying herbs to maximize the retention of medicinal herbs in the active ingredients, but also kill all kinds of drugs in the mold and eggs to prevent herbs in the storage process of mildew and insects termite. In this case,
The traditional herbal medicine dryer is to use coal as a fuel to hot air as a drying medium to absorb moisture within the herbs out of moisture, repeated cycle to achieve the effect of drying. This method is not only a waste of time and human resources, the effect of dry sterilization is not good but also on our surrounding environment has a serious pollution, the emergence of herbal microwave dryer is greatly improved the situation. In this case,
Microwave drying machine can be said that microwave technology in the pharmaceutical industry applications in a perfect embodiment of the perfect show of the characteristics of microwave technology features, but also let people know and clearly aware of the broad prospects for development of microwave technology.
Microwave drying is also widely used in food, chemical, metallurgical and other industries; covering the sterilization, drying, thawing, cooked, extraction, microwave pyrolysis, chemical reaction, ceramic sintering, chemical reaction, ceramic sintering and many other functions.